Expressing relief , pain, and pleasure

Expressing Relief

When we have problem, then we cansolve it, we will feel relief. In other situation, when we feel worried aboutsomething that we will face, and then wecan face it, we will also feel relief. A relief is lessening or ending of pain and worry.

·    Thank goodnees!
·    Thank heavens!
·    What a relief!
·    I’m glad about…!
·    It’s great relief!
·    Whew!
Example dialogue:
Anne: Grey! Don’t you know that our final exam mark has been announced?
Grey: What? Are you sure that it has been announced?
Anne: Of course. What happens?
Grey: It is because I did not do the test well and I am afraid that I will get D for this subject. Our teacher has told me, if I don’t pass this exam I will be kicked from this school.
Anne: Don’t make a joke, Grey! I think no one will kick you out from this school.
Grey: How can you know?
Anne: Because you get C!
Grey: Whew! Thank God! Thanks Anne!
Anne: You’re welcome, Grey!\


When we get sick, wemust feel pain on our part of our body. Whenwe get an accident, andwe get injured becauseof it, we must feel pain
1. It’s very painful. I can’t stand it.
2. The pain hurt me very much.
3. That hurts!
4. Oh, my headaches.
5. It hurts me so much.
Expressing Pain Dialogue
(James falls down from the tree. Andy tries to help him.)
Andy : Are you okay?
James : Ouch! That hurts.
Andy : Let me help you.
James : Thanks.
Andy : You should be more careful.
· Expressing Pleasure: expressing enjoyment, happiness or satisfaction
· Use to express pleasure, showing one’s feeling of happiness.
The expression that you can use:
1. Great!
2. Terrific!
3. Fantastic!
4. I’m pleased.
5. I enjoyed it.
Expressing Pleasure Dialogue
Jasper : What are you doing now?
Bella : I am reading a novel.
Jasper : A novel?
Bella : Yeah, and I enjoy it, because this novel is very interesting.
Jasper : Can I borrow that novel tomorrow?
Bella : Of course, you can.
Jasper : Thanks a lot Bella!

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